James Davison, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. James Davison, Jr., Ph. D.

Psychologist, Founder & CEO

Dr. James Davison, Jr. is the founder of Puget Sound Family Services in Lakewood, Washington. He is a licensed, African American psychologist and university professor. He has taught at Seattle University, the University of Utah, and North Park College in Chicago and has written for numerous publications.

He is the author of several published books, including: Prisoners of Our Past, and Sweet Release. His overall passion is to empower his clients, students, and readers in all aspects of realizing their innate quality of being worthy and embracing the social responsibility that goes with it, without any excuses.

While his main focus is in devoting full attention to private practice and consultation, he does actively support the American Cancer Society and his granddaughter's tenacious demand for popsicles when they come to visit.

Originally from Philadelphia, he has also lived in Chicago and now currently resides in the Seattle area. However, he has yet to be convinced that $4.95 is a fair price for an iced mocha--no thanks, he'll stick to his Yoo-hoo's.

Our Approach

We have several licensed therapists on staff taking new patients. All are highly trained and experienced in all forms of mental, emotional, behavioral, and psychological conditions. When you call to schedule your first appointment, we'll help you determine which of our therapists will be the best suited to help you achieve your goals.


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